Concerning the emergency caused by Covid19, Human Brain Wave Srl has decided to convert part of its production, to put its experience and its scientific skills at the service of the community and the national health system. This is how the line Rigeneramed + Rigenera Shell was born: these are class 1 medical devices, for external use.

In particular, Hbw has activated itself to produce:

Sanitizing solutions for skin

Applied on the hands, the Rigeneramed sanitizing solution has a powerful disinfectant action thanks to its high percentage of isopropyl alcohol (75%), glycerol, hydrogen peroxide and distilled water.

It is supplied in convenient 100ml, 200ml or 500 ml bottles.

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To ease the use of the products, we also have useful dispensers, self-stand display and multipacks.

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Sanitizing solutions for surfaces

These solutions contains 75% of isopropyl alcohol and it is the easiest method to disinfect the surfaces of homes or businesses. Based on isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, they exert a powerful disinfectant power on the objects or surfaces to which they are applied.

Hbw prepares them using 75% of isopropyl alcohol.

They are available in 500ml, 1L or 5L bottles.

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Rigenera Shell

This face shield allows you to keep your eyes, nose and mouth safe from splashes and sprays. Total comfort facial protection, thanks to the flexible and adaptable stainless steel bar.

Composed of a made in Italy elastic that allows the face shield to remain firm once worn, the Rigenera Shell is light and aerodynamic, ideal to be worn even over the glasses. The face shield is single user and can be reused after being disinfected with an alcohol based solution.

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